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Cavallo Ventures

Cavallo Ventures, VC arm of Wilbur Ellis, introducing technologies across all business divisions and markets of Wilbur-Ellis globally

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What we look for

Dedicated founders solving real problems, with an unwavering resolve to build and execute.

Beyond capital, we provide our deep expertise and market knowledge. We enable founders to launch new products and services, run trials, expand and recruit new talent.

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Markets we serve


Wilbur-Ellis’ Agribusiness division works to maximize our customers’ return on investment by providing the most advanced crop production technology and software in most agricultural regions of the United States.

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Animal Health & Nutrition

Wilbur-Ellis’ Nutrition division is an industry leader in the international marketing and distribution of nutrients for the livestock, pet food and aquaculture industries.

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Novel Ingredients

Our technical team provides not only practical expertise, but also international business experience and strong knowledge of local markets and cultures.

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Nachurs Alpine Solutions

Wilbur-Ellis’ Nachurs Alpine Solutions (NAS) division is a 70+-year-old specialty chemical business that pioneered the low-salt liquid starter fertilizer industry by introducing the first true solution liquid NPK fertilizer.  

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